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Manchester, NH, USA
Powder Induction and Dispersion Skid High performance ergonomic feeding and dispersion of dry ingredients into mix tanks. Our new Fastfeed is an integrated, skid-mounted inline powder induction & dispersion system using a specially designed powder suction pump and proven high-shear mixing technology for rapid incorporation and wetting out of difficult powders. Eliminate powder bridging in the hopper Deliver powder in line at controlled feed rates from 3 to 400 pounds per minute! Continuous powder delivery even as viscosity and solids levels increase Deagglomerate and hydrate even the toughest gums The design of the Fastfeed allows for continuous powder suction even as the viscosity and solids level increase... insuring that the system will never plug or foul. Powder feed rates are easily adjustable through regulating valves that can be automated to insure that the proper concentration of dry materials are added quickly and effectively. Complete 100% dispersion of powders is guaranteed as the powder slurry mixture is passed through the high speed, high shear DynaShear, where many applications are finished with one pass through the system. When full hyrdration of gums is required, the slurry can be recirculated through the Fastfeed creating a perfect blend of fully functional ingredients in minutes that could typically take hours in conventional batch tank. A single Fastfeed skid can also be used to feed multiple tanks for holding or suspending product prior to filling or packaging.
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Product Category Industrial Mixers
Product Name Fastfeed™
Media Type Powder or Granular
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