Wright Line, LLC Datasheets for Rack Enclosures

Rack enclosures (rack cabinets, laboratory enclosures) are used to house standard 19 in. rack-mounted components or other standard-sized devices. They are designed to protect personnel from accidental injury and to prevent the ingress of environmental contaminants such as dust and water.
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Product Name Notes
Vantage S2 -- Model 12U, 24"W, 39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG252438 - 25Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG2524421 - 25Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224381 - 42Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux24"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524381 - 45Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux24"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx48"D
Flexible customizable enclosure, Guaranteed compatibility, 2000lbs capacity
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 48"D
Thermally scalable up to 22kW, Guaranteed compatibility, 2200lbs capacity