Wright Line, LLC Datasheets for Modular Enclosures

Modular enclosures consist of smaller components that can be assembled to create custom enclosures, often for temporary or mobile systems. These modular components are available in standard sizes and allow modular enclosures to be used for a variety of purposes.
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Product Name Notes
Vantage S2 -- Model 12U, 24"W, 39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG252438 - 25Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG2524421 - 25Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224381 - 42Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux24"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4224421 - 42Ux30"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524381 - 45Ux24"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux24"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux24"Wx48"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx39"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx42"D
Vantage S2 -- Model VCFG4524421 - 45Ux30"Wx48"D
Flexible customizable enclosure, Guaranteed compatibility, 2000lbs capacity
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 40U, 30"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 44U, 30"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 24"W, 48"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 37"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 42"D
Paramount -- Model 51U, 30"W, 48"D
Thermally scalable up to 22kW, Guaranteed compatibility, 2200lbs capacity