Signature Enclosures Datasheets for Industrial Enclosures

Industrial enclosures are used to house electronic components, equipment and devices. They are designed to protect personnel from accidental injury and to prevent the ingress of environmental contaminants.
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Product Name Notes
Fiberglass Enclosure -- SE847242FSDD Double internal compartment doors w/ cutouts for instrumentation and internal divider panel
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE582419FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE603018FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE603018FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE604220FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE604812FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE683013FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE683212FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE683626FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE684219FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE722512FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE722526FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE723030FSSD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE724824FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE724926FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE726032FSDD
Free Standing Enclosure -- SE784830FSDD
Insulated Enclosure -- SE402418SDI
Insulated Enclosure -- SE434320DDI
Insulated Enclosure -- SE784824DDI
Insulated Enclosure -- SE813630SDI
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE181808FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE181812FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE202008FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE242408FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE242412FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE242414FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE302412FM
SS2 Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE362412FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE303012FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE362430FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363012FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363016FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363023FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363612FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363616FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE363618FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE483612FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE483616FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE483618FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE603612FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE603616FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE603618FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE604820FM
Wall Mounted Enclosure -- SE753612FM
Our Safe Haven Series and our Signature Series of NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosures ensure the protection and safety of your equipment. The industries we serve include, but are not limited...
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE131312FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE131314FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE131316FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE131321FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE181808FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE181812FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE181818FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE182416FM
Flush Mount Enclosure -- SE182422FM
Portable Enclosure -- SE101015P
Portable Enclosure -- SE101020P
Portable Enclosure -- SE181818P
Safe Haven Series fiberglass instrument enclosures are designed specifically for recorders and controllers of all sizes. Available in portable, wall mount, & center mount styles. Manufactured to NEMA 4X standards.
Fiberglass Enclosure -- SE544220SDD Safety yellow color for high voltage cabinet
Fiberglass Enclosure -- SE902424FS Sides not tapered. One of multiple cabinets bolted together
Terminal and Junction Enclosure These enclosures are commonly used by mass transit authorities for tunnel and underbridge utilities.
Fiberglass Enclosure -- SE964848FSDD Three removable bolt-on sides w/o internal structural supports.