Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies Datasheets for Digital Timers

Digital timers keep track of timing, either to trigger an action or to start timing once triggered by an action, or both.
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Product Name Notes
7 Day, Weekly Timer Control -- LE7M-2 Series Model LE7M-2, seven day weekly timer offers a wide range of control flexibility through simple programming for each day individually or repeated for two through seven days. The weekly timer...
7 Day Timer -- 7DT-2CH The ATC 7DT-2CH DIN Rail Timer is ideally suited for timing applications needing a daily or weekly schedule. The clear LCD display provides visible indication of output, mode, day and...
Panel Mounted Digital Timer -- 655-8-1000
Panel Mounted Digital Timer -- 655-8-1001
Panel Mounted Digital Timer -- 655-8-3000
Panel Mounted Digital Timer -- 655-8-3001
Direct Replacement For Electromechanical Timers Two Timing Modes Data Retention with EEPROM Memory or Battery Five Time Ranges Simple Keypad Time Setting Sealed Faceplate Keypad Lockout of Time Setting Easy...
Multifunction Timer-Counter -- 5708A Functions as a Timer, Counter, Frequency Meter or Tachometer 8-digit High Resolution LCD Front IP66 Water Protection 15 Selectable Display Options Battery Operated