Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies Datasheets for Electromechanical Counters

Electromechanical counters are used to detect, totalize, and indicate a sequence of events. They typically accept electric or electronic inputs to operate mechanical outputs such as rotating wheels or knobs. These devices may count UP and/or DOWN, support multiple functions, and provide reset capabilities.
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Product Name Notes
Preset Counter/Timer -- FX4S Series The FX4S is a single level preset counter or timer control with two (2) outputs, a 3A at 240VAC relay and a 100mA max. at 30VDC max. NPN open collector...
Programmable Count/Time Setup Control -- 765 Series 1 Sequence–Up to 100 Steps 8 User-Defined Outputs Multiple Timing Ranges Time and/or Count Step Advance Modes Easy to Configure Membrane Keypad/Panel Gasket Resist Industrial Environments Keypad Lockout Large 9/32"...
Shawnee II High Speed Counter -- 354B Series 4 Digit Display Easy to Set Noise Immunity Plug-In & Dust-Tight Control Versatility High Repeat Accuracy
Timer/Counter with Memory -- 385A Series EEPROM Memory Easy DIP Switch Setup Three Adjustable Presets with Internal Cycle Totalizer Dual LED Display with Cycle Progress Selectable Sec., Min., or Hrs., Ranges 0 to 9.99, 99.9, 999,...
Shawnee II Digital Counter -- 356B Series Fast, Accurate and Bounce Proof Easy to Set Plug-In and Dust-Tight Cycle Progress Indication Computer Tested Reliability Noise Immunity
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 652-8-2000
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 652-8-2001
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 652-8-3000
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 652-8-3001
Five Time Ranges From 0.001 Sec Replaces Most Electro-Mechanical Timers Six Single-Cycle and Eight Repeat-Cycle Timing Modes Easy Programming 7/16" High LCD Display Sealed Faceplate Keypad Lockout of Time Setting...
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 653-8-2000
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 653-8-2001
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 653-8-3000
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 653-8-3001
Functions As Timer or Counter Five Time Ranges Six Single-Cycle and Eight Repeat-Cycle Timing Modes Sealed Faceplate Cycle Counter Count Input Scaling Data Retention Memory with EEPROM Circuitry. (653-8-2000, 653-8-2001...