Lowell Corporation Datasheets for Drive Sockets and Adapters

Drive sockets and adapters include individual products and packaged sets of removable wrench and interchangeable bit screwdriver attachments.
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Product Name Notes
Double Shot Set
Extended Reach Set
Socket Set -- 511
Socket Set -- 512
Socket Set -- 513
Socket Set -- 514
Socket Set -- 516
Socket Set -- 516
Socket Set -- 521
Socket Set -- 531
Valve Key Socket Set
Lowell Corporation socket sets for pipe line utility pole installation and repair. “Bolt-Through” Ratcheting Socket Wrenches Sets. Utility applications include mechanical joints, restraints, couplings, sleeves, repair clamps, saddles, flange bolts,...
Valve Key Sockets Lowell corporation valve key sockets turn rounded or corroded 2 inch square valve nuts. Lower the cost and lower maintenance than alternative tools. Valve key sockets feature rugged, durable, yellow...