General Pipe Cleaners Datasheets for Pipe and Tube Cutters

Pipe and tube cutters are hand-held tools or machines that use a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other tool head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts.
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Product Name Notes
Plastic Tubing Cutter -- SuperSlice™ SuperSlice is the fastest, easiest and cleanest way to slice plastic tubing. A patented V-point blade pierces hard or soft plastic tubing, then slices through to give a clean, easy...
Plastic Tubing Cutter -- AutoCutPL® The compact, convenient AutoCutPL® plastic tubing cutter is an easier way to cut plastic tubing. It makes clean, uncrushed, square cuts quickly – and with less effort! It fits in...
Copper Tubing Cutter -- AutoCut®
Copper Tubing Cutter -- AutoCut®
Copper Tubing Cutter -- AutoCut®
This is a great tool to have when you don’t have enough swing room to use a full size tubing cutter. You can cut copper tubing with less than one...