PPG TrueFinish Datasheets for Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings include paints, sealers, and specialty coatings for floors, roofs, walls, ceilings, decks, pavement, walkways, concrete surfaces, and other building and construction applications.
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Product Name Notes
ENVIROCRON® -- PCF High Gloss Hybrid
ENVIROCRON® -- PCF Low Gloss Hybrid
Blend of epoxy and polyester resins, less sensitive to over-bake
ENVIROCRON® -- XLC Low Cure TDS Developed with ppg's latest technology for low cure temperatures
ENVIROCRON® -- XMR Mar Resistant TDS Developed with ppg's latest technology for scratch and mar resistance
ENVIROCRON® -- PCTLow Cure Polyester TDS
ENVIROCRON® -- Standard Cure Polyester TDS
Durable, chemical- and corrosion-resistant products
SPECTRACRON® -- 300 SERIES 2K Urethane Enamel
SPECTRACRON® -- 360 2K HS Exterior Grade Urethane
SPECTRACRON® -- 360 2K HS Interior Grade Urethane
SPECTRACRON® -- 380 Poly-Iothane HS
Excellent color and gloss retention, anti marring
AQUACRON® -- 8135 Series Excellent corrosion protection, low odor, no heavy metals
Touch-Up -- Q1300
Touch-Up -- Q2300
Excellent durability, fast drying
SPECTRACRON® -- 150 SERIES HS Alkyd Enamel Excellent durability, wide balance of performance and properties
SPECTRACRON® -- 550 SERIES 2K HS Epoxy DTM Enamel Excellent hardness & adhesion
SPECTRACRON® -- 310 2K Interior Urethane Enamel Excellent hardness and flexibility
SPECTRACRON® -- 400 SERIES HS Polyester Baking Enamel Excellent over-bake detergent and cleaner resistance
AQUACRON® -- 833 Series
AQUACRON® -- 835 Series
Fast dry performance, no heavy metals, low odor
SPECTRACRON® 100 Series -- Alkyd Enamel w/ Q3501 enhancer Fast drying, no heavy metals, enhanced appearance, wide recoat window
SPECTRACRON® -- 110 Fast Dry Alkyd Enamel Fast drying, no heavy metals, high film build capability
SPECTRACRON® 100 Series -- Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel Fast drying, no heavy metals
W43181 2K High Solids Urethane Primer Fast topcoat times, chrome and lead free
ENVIROCRON® -- PCM High Gloss Epoxy TDS
ENVIROCRON® -- PCM Low Gloss Epoxy TDS
Ideal for applications requiring ultimate corrosion resistance
ENVIROCRON® -- PCU TDS Outstanding thin-film appearance with excellent weather resistance
AQUACRON® -- 880 Series Wide balance of performance properties, no recoat window