Thermo Shield Datasheets for Aluminum Oxide and Alumina Ceramics

Aluminum oxide and alumina ceramics have excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, compressive strength, high-temperature properties, and dielectric strength. They are used widely because of their versatility and low cost. Their main drawback is its relatively poor thermal-shock resistance due to higher coefficients of thermal expansion and lower thermal conductivity (compared to other pure ceramic materials).
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Product Name Notes
Alumina Fasteners
Alumina Fish Spine Beads
Alumina Oval 2-Bore Extruded Tubes
Alumina Round 1-Bore Extruded Tubes
Alumina Round 2-Bore Extruded Tubes
Alumina Round 4-Bore Extruded Tubes
Alumina Solid Rods
Mullite Round 1-Bore Extruded Tubes
Mullite Round 2-Bore Extruded Tubes
Mullite Round 4-Bore Extruded Tubes
Included in our stock of inch and metric refractory fasteners is Molybdenum (Mo or Moly), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W), and Alumina (Al2O3 or AD998) screws (fillister, flat & pan head),...