Accuride International, Inc. Datasheets for Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used to identify people before granting access to secure facilities.
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Product Name Notes
Self-Contained Cabinet Access Control System -- Senseon™ Plus A self-contained intelligent cabinet access control system, Senseon Plus has all the features of Senseon plus Audit Trail Dual Authentication Discrete Access Easy Configuration The Future of Smart Access Control.
Standalone Cabinet Access Control Locking System -- Senseon™ One A standalone smart locking system designed for seamless installation into new and existing doors, drawers, and more in any system. Auto Relock Fail Secure Simplified Key Management High Strength Security...
Cabinet Level Access Control System -- Senseon™ Core Senseon Core extends the features and capabilities of your access control system to the cabinet-level with Senseon Core. No changes to existing infrastructure No additional software Robust electronic cabinet locks...