AMETEK Power Instruments - Gulton-Statham Products Datasheets for Condition Monitors and Fault Detectors

Condition monitors and fault detectors find faults in mechanical, electrical, optical or other systems before a system failure condition occurs. An example of a fault in an electrical system is an arching circuit breaker. An example of a fault in a mechanical system is a failed roller bearing. Both mechanical and electrical faults produce characteristic sounds, which can be detected using air or structure borne acoustic detection techniques.
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Product Name Notes
2.5 Multi-Function Recorder
TR-2000 Multi-Function Recorder
Feature and Benefits
TR-100+ Digital Fault Recorder FEATURES AND BENEFITS
DL8000/9000 Portable Records The DL-8000 and DL-9000 portable systems are equipped to support a range of measurement transducers and connection options providing an attractive and flexible monitoring system for the power utility, commercial...