Krytox™ Performance Lubricants Datasheets for Vacuum Greases and Vacuum Pump Oils

Vacuum greases and vacuum pump oils are suitable for vacuum sealing, diffusion pumps and other vacuum fluid applications.
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Product Name Notes
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricant -- FG 10
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricant -- FG 12
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricant -- FG 15
Krytox™ FG oils and greases are now available in a line of food application products, where a lubricant with an H-1 rating is required. The products include several different types...
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 1506/1506XP
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 1514/1514XP
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 1525/1525XP
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 1531/1531XP
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 1618
Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 16256
Krytox™ vacuum pump fluids are used in applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause safety, waste disposal and maintenance problems. They are nonflammable and eliminate the chance of fire in...
Krytox™ High-Vacuum Grease -- LVP Low pressures. Extremely high or low temperatures. Hostile environments. Whatever special needs your system might have, Krytox™ low vapor pressure (LVP) high-vacuum grease works-safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Krytox™ LVP high-vacuum...