H2O Control Products, Inc. Datasheets for Dielectric Greases and Insulating Fluids

Dielectric greases and insulating fluids are applied to electric terminals in high voltage equipment to minimize disharges, insulate and lubricate non-conductive surfaces, exclude moisture, and conduct heat.
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Product Name Notes
H2O Corrosion Control Spray -- H2OCC08RF
H2O Corrosion Control Spray -- H2OCC08SP
Corrosion Control is a light oil, high dielectric formulation that stops corrosion in electrical enclosures. As a superior moisture inhibitor, H2O Corrosion Control helps keep contact points working efficiently. Perfect...
Excel 440 High Temperature Penetrant Lubricant
XL-101 Penetrant Lubricant -- VIPXL101
XL-101 Penetrant Lubricant -- VIPXL240
With the ability to withstand temperatures to 250º C, Excel 440 provides unsurpassed friction/wear reduction and is highly effective in applications such as high stress chain lubrication, break-oil for metal...