Pitt Plastics Datasheets for Protective Liners and Lining Systems

Protective liners and lining systems protect an underlying surface from corrosion, wear, erosion, heat or fire. They may also provide leak protection or fluid containment.
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Product Name Notes
Black Star -- B71810K
Black Star -- B72210K
Black Star -- B72410DK
Black Star -- B72410K
Black Star -- B72510K
Black Star -- B73310DK
Black Star -- B73310K
Black Star -- B73715K
Black Star -- B73720K
Black Star -- B73730K
Black Star -- B73740K
Black Star -- B74015K
Black Star -- B74020K
Black Star -- B74030K
Black Star -- B74040K
Black Star -- B74220K
Black Star -- B74425K
Black Star -- B74620K
Black Star -- B74815K
Black Star -- B74820K
Black Star -- B74830K
Black Star -- B74920K
Black Star -- B74930K
Black Star -- B75020K
Black Star -- B75030K
Black Star -- B76010K
Black Star -- B76020K
Black Star -- B76030K
Black Star -- B76520K
Black Star -- B76530K
Black Star combines the economy of LLDPE resin with the strength of a star seal, while the black color provides the maximum opacity required to hide unsightly refuse. The result...
BioStar -- BS30G
BioStar -- BS33G
BioStar -- BS45G
BioStar -- BS60G
Even if the contents of your trash bag are completely biodegradable, the entire package may not be. By using compost­able bags you can do even more to protect the environment.
Buff Bag -- P2410B
Buff Bag -- P2410DB
Buff Bag -- P3310B
Buff Bag -- P3310DB
Buff Bag -- P3712B
Buff Bag -- P3715B
Buff Bag -- P3720B
Buff Bag -- P3730B
Buff Bag -- P4015B
Buff Bag -- P4020B
Buff Bag -- P4030B
Buff Bag -- P4330B
Buff Bag -- P4815B
Buff Bag -- P4820B
Buff Bag -- P4830B
Buff Bag -- P4920B
Buff Bag -- P4930B
Buff Bag -- P6015B
Buff Bag -- P6020B
Buff Bag -- P6020DB
Buff Bag -- P6030B
Buff Bag -- P6520B
Buff Bag -- P6520DB
Buff Bag -- P6530B
Going strong for 40 years, our Buff Bag is a top quality can liner well known for its reliability. It comes as no surprise that when people need a bag...
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR17180MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR17189MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR20220MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR20229MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR22259MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR24240MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR24249MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR24330MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR24339MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR29443MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR30370MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR30371MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR30372MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR30373MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR33400MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR33402MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR33403MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR33404MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR36602MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR36603MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR37502MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR37503MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR38602MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR38603MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR38604MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR404814MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR40481MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR40482MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR40483MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR40484MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR41543MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR43482MC
Coreless Rolls-Natural -- MR43483MC
High Density Mini-Rolls provide answers to questions of environmental responsibility as well as cost efficiency. The unique blend of first grade high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene and LLDPE resins...
Industrial -- BB3558C
Industrial -- CB484K
Industrial -- P5043C
Industrial -- P5043K
Industrial -- P8820K
Industrial -- P9220K
Industrial -- SB50K
If you need a can liner that’s tough as nails, this is the bag for you. Industrial can liners are premium heavy duty bags that are designed to take whatever...
EcoStrong -- EC222509K
EcoStrong -- EC243209K
EcoStrong -- EC294412K
EcoStrong -- EC294415K
EcoStrong -- EC303609K
EcoStrong -- EC303612K
EcoStrong -- EC333909K
EcoStrong -- EC333912K
EcoStrong -- EC333915K
EcoStrong -- EC334412K
EcoStrong -- EC334415K
EcoStrong -- EC375012K
EcoStrong -- EC375015K
EcoStrong -- EC385812K
EcoStrong -- EC3858135K
EcoStrong -- EC385815K
EcoStrong -- EC385817K
EcoStrong -- EC385820K
EcoStrong -- EC404612K
EcoStrong -- EC404615K
EcoStrong -- EC404617K
EcoStrong -- EC404620K
EcoStrong -- EC415412K
EcoStrong -- EC415415K
EcoStrong -- EC434712K
EcoStrong -- EC434715K
EcoStrong -- EC434717K
EcoStrong -- EC445515K
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, environmentally responsible product, then Eco•Strong™ can liners are the answer. These liners are formulated from our own recycled virgin resin and high quality...
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR24249MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR24339MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR30372MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR33403MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR33404MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR36604MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR38603MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR38604MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR40483MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR40484MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR43483MK
Coreless Rolls-Black -- MR43484MK
Our Black High Density Mini-Rolls provide answers to questions of environmental responsibility as well as cost efficiency. The unique blend of first grade high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene and...
Mighty Tough -- MT331XW
Mighty Tough -- MT371XW
Mighty Tough -- MT372XW
Mighty Tough -- MT373XW
Mighty Tough -- MT401XW
Mighty Tough -- MT402XW
Mighty Tough -- MT403XW
Mighty Tough -- MT442XW
Mighty Tough -- MT481XW
Mighty Tough -- MT482XW
Mighty Tough -- MT483XW
Mighty Tough -- MT491XW
Mighty Tough -- MT492XW
Mighty Tough -- MT493XW
Mighty Tough -- MT503XW
Mighty Tough -- MT601XW
Mighty Tough -- MT602XW
Mighty Tough -- MT603XW
Our Mighty Tough can liners just got better! Pitt Plastics is now offering Mighty Tough on coreless rolls. We’re happy to tell you that everything you loved about Mighty Tough...
Performance HD -- HR10MC
Performance HD -- HR10MK
Performance HD -- HR10RC
Performance HD -- HR10RK
Performance HD -- HR16MC
Performance HD -- HR16MK
Performance HD -- HR16RC
Performance HD -- HR16RK
Performance HD -- HR20HC
Performance HD -- HR20HHC
Performance HD -- HR20HHK
Performance HD -- HR20HK
Performance HD -- HR20MC
Performance HD -- HR20RC
Performance HD -- HR20RK
Performance HD -- HR20XHC
Performance HD -- HR33HC
Performance HD -- HR33MC
Performance HD -- HR33SHC
Performance HD -- HR33SHK
Performance HD -- HR33XHC
Performance HD -- HR33XHK
Performance HD -- HR40HC
Performance HD -- HR40HHC
Performance HD -- HR40SHC
Performance HD -- HR40SHK
Performance HD -- HR40XHC
Performance HD -- HR40XHK
Performance HD -- HR56HC
Performance HD -- HR56HK
Performance HD -- HR56SHC
Performance HD -- HR56SHK
Performance HD -- HR56XHC
Performance HD -- HR56XHK
Performance HD -- HR60HC
Performance HD -- HR60MC
Performance HD -- HR60SHC
Performance HD -- HR60SHK
Performance HD -- HR60XHC
Performance HD -- HR60XHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD10MC
Performance HD Box -- PHD10MK
Performance HD Box -- PHD10RC
Performance HD Box -- PHD10RK
Performance HD Box -- PHD16MC
Performance HD Box -- PHD16MK
Performance HD Box -- PHD16RC
Performance HD Box -- PHD16RK
Performance HD Box -- PHD20HC
Performance HD Box -- PHD20HHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD20HHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD20HK
Performance HD Box -- PHD20MC
Performance HD Box -- PHD20RC
Performance HD Box -- PHD20RK
Performance HD Box -- PHD20XHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD33HC
Performance HD Box -- PHD33MC
Performance HD Box -- PHD33SHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD33SHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD33XHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD33XHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD40HC
Performance HD Box -- PHD40HHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD40SHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD40SHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD40XHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD40XHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD56HC
Performance HD Box -- PHD56HK
Performance HD Box -- PHD56SHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD56SHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD56XHC
Performance HD Box -- PHD56XHK
Performance HD Box -- PHD60HC
Performance HD Box -- PHD60MC
Performance HD Box -- PHD60SHC
Performance HD are based on High Density resins, the most cost efficient film available in the market today. They perform on a level equivalent to traditional gauges and microns. Performance...
High Density Isolation Liners -- F1800ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F2400ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F4000ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F4099EL
High Density Isolation Liners -- F4300ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F4300EY
High Density Isolation Liners -- F4800ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F5000ER
High Density Isolation Liners -- F5000EY
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G2400R
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G3900R
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G4300L
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G4300R
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G4300Y
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G4303R
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G4600R
Linear Low Isolation Liners -- G5000R
Pitt Plastics offers color coded, printed bags for Infectious Waste, Infectious Linen and Non-contagious Linen management. Our printed Stock Isolation Bags are imprinted with English and Spanish to help ensure...

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