Cardas Audio, Ltd. Datasheets for Video Cables

Video cables are used for the transmission of video signals, including monochrome, composite and component color video signals. 
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Product Name Notes
Cardas Neutral Reference video is designed as a perfectly neutral reference cable. It sounds the same at any length, whether one or 100 feet, between any digital or video components.
Cardas Precision Video is suitable for all 75 ohm applications and can be terminated with RCA or BNC connectors. It is intended to be used as a component video cable...
The Cardas HDMI High Speed/HEC is a premium interconnect for high definition video equipment. HDMI High Speed/HEC provides Ethernet connectivity between components, and adds an Audio Return Channel to enable...
This high performance component video cable uses patented Cardas Golden Ratio, copper conductors developed specifically for high performance video applications. It can be terminated for component RGB or RGB+HV.