AGI - American Grippers Inc. Datasheets for Robotic Tool Changers

Robotic tool changers attach various working tools to the end of a robots arm.
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Product Name Notes
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-1
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-2
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-3
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-4
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-5
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-6
EOAT Load Limiter -- AGO-7
Dynamically Variable Trip Points - Use air regulator to adjust the breakaway moment. Being able to program your collision sensor offers protection at all speeds of operation. The breakaway threshold...
Tool Changer -- AGC-20
Tool Changer -- AGC-30
Tool Changer -- AGC-40
Tool Changer -- AGC-50
Fail Safe - The locking mechanism remains locked even with a loss of pnumatic pressure.Handles High Moments as Extremely High Repeatability - The index pin gives Tool Chang Adapters the...