ExxonMobil Chemical Company - Polyethylene Products Datasheets for Chemical Additives and Agents

Chemical additives and agents include a wide range of materials added to polymer resins, paints and coatings, or adhesives to modify specific processing or end-use properties.
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Product Name Notes
Allows film converters to further enhance their business with more stable operations, improve line output and downgauging — in one single polymer for mono- and coextrusion operations.
Balance of processability, toughness, stiffness and environmental stress crack resistance.
Base polymer in many adhesion resin formulations. Outstanding compounding makes it a material of choice for use in wire and cable. High transparency is a key attribute for photovoltaic cell...
Offers an optimal balance of toughness and stiffness.
Offers good quality for blown, cast and extrusion film, and rotational and injection molding.
Represents the latest addition to our performance PE polymer portfolio. By combining proprietary catalyst and process technology, we have introduced a new line of products that deliver eXtreme Performance for...
Used to formulate a wide range of film structures offering superior mechanical performance for highly demanding end-use applications.

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