Sierra Instruments, Inc. Datasheets for Calibration Instruments

Calibration instruments use electrical signals or physical quantities to calibrate sensors and meters. Devices that produce electrical signals can serve as precise meters for sensor calibration, or send output signals to other devices.
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Product Name Notes
CalTrak™ SL-800 primary standard gas calibration systems offer a standardized accuracy of ±0.15% of reading, superior to all other commercial laboratory standards. The SL-800 is fast, primary, Mercury-free and easy-to-use.
Sierra’s CalTrak™ XL primary standard gas calibration system is the leading high flow primary standard calibrator in industry and offers a standardized accuracy of +/-0.25%. With increased demand for higher...
Sierra's CalTrak® 500 primary standard gas calibration equipment is an accurate primary standard gas flow calibrator for all inert gases. The 500 is used for calibration and verification of: Mass...