Cri-Tech, Inc. Datasheets for Resins and Compounds

Resins and compounds are used for shape fabrication or bond formation. Types include adhesive, casting, and leveling resins; caulk and grout; and sealants and thread lockers.
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Product Name Notes
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated for injection molding. GP-LV compounds also exhibit the improved hot tear resistance of their higher viscosity counterparts.
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated for low cost. LC compounds are used in lathe cut and custom molded goods, including valve stem seals.
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated for low cost. LC-THK compounds are fissure resistant in thick cross sections; these compounds also exhibit enhanced rubber-to-metal bonding.
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated for low cost. Low Viscosity Compounds, LC-LV compounds are also injection moldable.
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated for molding complex geometric shapes. GP compounds exhibit improved hot tear resistant properties and offer a variety of colors.
66% Fluorine copolymers formulated with compounding ingredients approved for food contact (U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.2600(c)(4)(1) listed). FDA compounds are also available in a variety of colors.
68% Fluorine terpolymers formulated for improved chemical resistance. IF compounds are good choices for fuel applications.
70% Fluorine terpolymers formulated for much improved chemical resistance. HF compounds are excellent choices for fuel applications, including methanol-containing fuels.
Cri-Tech's new Cri-Line® FKM Static Dissipative FKM compounds can now be tailored to meet your most demanding application requirements. These unique compounds provide lower durometer, improved conductivity, processability and...
Cri-Line compounds are fully formulated high performance FKM compounds, developed, tested and guaranteed by Cri-Tech, Inc.
Cri-plastMP™ F-TPEs are a family of melt processable Fluoro - Thermoplastic Elastomers (F-TPEs) developed to meet a wide range of applications including Automotive, Wire & Cable, Chemical Industry and Consumer...
Cri-plastMP™ PFA Electrically Conductive Compounds are formulated to meet your static dissipative/conducti ve, ATEX requirements in multiple applications. Specific grades can be processed by injection, extrusion, transfer molding, and compression...
High fluorine tetrapolymers formulated for low temperature flexibility. HFLT compounds are excellent choices for fuel applications, including methanol-containing fuels, where low temperature flexibility is also essential. The LT compounds are...
HNBR compounds are non-FKM compounds that offer excellent value to performance properties.
The LS, Low Shrinkage compounds are designed to give part shrinkage (out of the mold) and post-curing operation comparable to a nitrile or similar elastomer. In most cases, tooling changes...