Maury Microwave Corporation Datasheets for RF Waveguide Components

RF waveguide components are circular, elliptical or rectangular metal tubes or pipes through which electromagnetic waves are propagated in microwave and RF communications. The wave passing through the medium is forced to follow the path determined by the physical structure of the guide.
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Product Name Notes
2.4mm Tuner -- MT984AU01 2.4mm AUTOMATED TUNERS 8 To 50 GHz Features • Optimized for X-Band, Ku-Band, K-Band, Ka-Band, Microwave and mm-Wave Noise and Power Applications • High matching Range for GaN, InP, InGaP,...
3.5mm Tuner -- MT983A01 3.5mm AUTOMATED TUNERS 4.0 TO 26.5 GHz Features • Optimized for C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, K-Band Noise and Power Applications • Simultaneous High-Matching and Ultra-Low Vibration for On-Wafer Applications • Ideal...
7mm Tuner -- MT982AU02
7mm Tuner -- MT982BU01
7mm Tuner -- MT982EU
7mm Tuner -- MT982EU30
7mm AUTOMATED TUNERS 0.8 To 18 GHz Features • Optimized for GSM, WCDMA, WiFi, WiMax, X-Band, Ku-Band, and CW/Pulsed Microwave Applications • High matching Range for GaN, InP, InGaP, GaAs,...
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- C166A
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- C166B
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- C166D
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- C166E
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- E166C
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- E166D
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- F166C
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- F166D
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- G166A
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166A
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166B
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166C
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166D
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166E
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- H166F
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- K166G
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- S166B
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- U166G
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- X166A
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- X166B
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- X166D
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- X166E
Waveguide Flange Adapter -- X166F
Features Converts one flange type to another in the same band, with minimum length 1.01 typical VSWR Mounting hardware and assembly instructions are provided In addition to the industry standard...
WaveGuide Slide Screw -- J353A
WaveGuide Slide Screw -- K353
WaveGuide Slide Screw -- P353
WaveGuide Slide Screw -- U353
WaveGuide Slide Screw -- X353
Features VSWR of 20:1 Correctable to 1:02 at Any Phase Easy to Use Description The Maury series 353 tuners consist of waveguide slotted sections with a movable carriages supporting micrometer...
High-Gamma Tuner (HGT™) -- MT981HU13
High-Gamma Tuner (HGT™) -- MT981HU23
High-Gamma Tuner (HGT™) -- MT981HU33
HIGH-GAMMA AUTOMATED TUNERS (HGT™) 800 MHz TO 8 GHz Features • Sub 1Ù In-Fixture and On-Wafer Load-Pull for GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, WiFi, and WiMax • Ultra-High Matching Range for GaN, GaAs,...
High-Power Tuner -- MT981AU11
High-Power Tuner -- MT981BU10
High-Power Tuner -- MT981BU15
High-Power Tuner -- MT981BU16
High-Power Tuner -- MT981EU10
High-Power Tuner -- MT981WU10
HIGH-POWER AUTOMATED TUNERS 0.25 TO 8.0 GHz Features • Optimized for GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, WiFi and WiMax In-Fixture and On-Wafer Applications • High matching Range for GaN, GaAs, LDMOS, and Si...
Millimeter Wave Tuner -- MT975A
Millimeter Wave Tuner -- MT977A
Millimeter Wave Tuner -- MT978A
Millimeter Wave Tuner -- MT979A
MILLIMETER-WAVE AUTOMATED TUNERS 33 TO 110 GHz Features • Optimized for WR22 to WR10 Millimeter-Wave Noise and Power Applications • High matching Range for GaN, InP, InGaP, GaAs, LDMOS, Si,...
Multi-Harmonic Automated Tuner -- MT982M01 MULTI-HARMONIC AUTOMATED TUNERS 600 MHz to 26 GHz Features • Optimized for Two-Frequency Harmonic Load Pull • Simultaneous High-Gamma and Harmonic Tuning • Designed for Harmonic-Sensitive Applications Including GaAs and...
Slide Screw Tuner -- 1643C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 1643D
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2640C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2640D
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8041B
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8045C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8045D
Slide screw tuners are particularly suited to establishing impedances for device characterization or any other application requiring a precisely repeatable mismatch condition. This is due to the precision with which...
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1719A
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1719B
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1719C
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1719D
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778A
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778B
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778C
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778D
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778E
Double-Stub Tuner -- 1778G
Double-Stub Tuner -- 2612B1
Double-Stub Tuner -- 2612B2
Double-Stub Tuner -- 2612B3
Double-Stub Tuner -- 2612B4
Double-Stub Tuner -- 2612B7
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1819A
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1819B
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1819C
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1819D
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1878A
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1878B
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1878C
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1878D
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 1878G
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 2612C1
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 2612C2
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 2612C3
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 2612C4
Triple-Stub Tuner -- 2612C7
Stub tuners are basic laboratory tools used for matching load impedances to provide for maximum power transfer between a generator and a load, and introducing a mismatch into an otherwise...
Slide Screw Tuner -- 1643D1
Slide Screw Tuner -- 1643N
Slide Screw Tuner -- 1643P
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2440B
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2440C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2640 N
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2640D1
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2640P
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2740B
Slide Screw Tuner -- 2740C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 7941A
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8041C
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8045D1
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8045N
Slide Screw Tuner -- 8045P
The tuners in this series are similar to those with Standard Matching Range; however, the mechanical characteristics are optimized for increased matching ranges. These tuners also utilize the slab-line transmission...