Foctek Photonics, Inc. Datasheets for Camera Lenses and Video Lenses

Camera lenses and video lenses attach to video cameras for use in machine vision, quality monitoring, security, and remote monitoring for industrial and commercial operations. This search form does not cover consumer video camera lenses. 
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Product Name Notes
FA and Machine Vision Manual Lens -- FA-M12(5MP)-23F21
FA and Machine Vision Manual Lens -- FA-M25(10MP)-1F21
ITS Manual Lens, 12 MP -- C-M16(12MP)-1F14
ITS Manual Lens, 12 MP -- C-M20(12MP)-1F14
ITS Manual Lens, 12 MP -- C-M25(12MP)-1F14
ITS Manual Lens, 5 MP -- C-M12(5MP)-23F14-2
ITS Manual Lens, 5 MP -- C-M16(5MP)-23F14-2
ITS Manual Lens, 5 MP -- C-M25(5MP)-23F14-2
ITS Manual Lens, 8 MP -- C-M12(8MP)-S1F14
ITS Manual Lens, 8 MP -- C-M35(8MP)-S1F14
ITS Manual Lens, 8 MP -- C-M8(8MP)-S1F14
Long Wavelength Infrared Lens -- FT530001
Long Wavelength Infrared Lens -- FT530003
Long Wavelength Infrared Lens -- FT530006
Megapixel DC-Iris Board Lens -- D14-D02812IR(4MP)
Megapixel DC-Iris Board Lens -- D14-D03610IR(6MP)
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.13IR(8MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.1IR(10MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.55IR(12MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.6IR(5MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.7IR(8MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.85IR(12MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-1.8IR(3MP)-F
Megapixel Fish Eye Lens -- M12-2.0IR(5MP)-F
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- D14-02812ICR(3MP)-C
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- D14-02812IR(3MP)-C
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- D14-02812IR(5MP)-A
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- D14-03610IR(6MP)
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- D14-0622IR(5MP)
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Board Lens -- M12-02812IR(3MP)
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Scanning Lens -- M12-3IR(2MP)
Megapixel Fixed-Iris Scanning Lens -- M12-4.2IR(2MP)
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- C-D0418IR(3MP)-2
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- CS-D02809IR(5MP)
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- CS-D02812IR(5MP)
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- CS-D03610IR(6MP)
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- CS-D03816IR(8MP)
Megapixel Manual Varifocal Lens -- CS-D0622IR(5MP)
Megapixel Motorized Varifocal Lens -- D14-02812IR(3MP)-C-EE
Megapixel Motorized Varifocal Lens -- D14-0622IR(5MP)-EE
Megapixel Motorized Varifocal Lens -- D14-D02812ICR(3MP)-EE
Traffic Monitoring Lens -- C-M25(12MP)-43F14
Traffic Monitoring Lens -- C-M35(12MP)-43F14
Traffic Monitoring Lens -- C-M50(12MP)-43F14
FOCtek provides customers with Optical Lens Assemblies, Custom-made Lens. Standard Lens Assemblies include, Mega Pixels CCTV Lenses, 5MP Road Monitoring Lens, 5 MP Machine Vision Lenses, Automotive Vision Lenses. Our...
Automotive Camera Lens -- ACL-M12-1.38(2MP)
Automotive Camera Lens -- ACL-M12-1.6(MP)-2
Automotive Camera Lens -- ACL-M12-2.1(MP)
Automotive Camera Lens -- ACL-M12-3.2(MP)
We provide customers with high quality automotive camera lens, such as front view lens, rear view lens, side view lens, far view lens etc. We can design, develop and manufacture...