DeZURIK, Inc. Datasheets for Electrohydraulic Valve Actuators and Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Electrohydraulic valve actuators and hydraulic valve actuators convert fluid pressure supply pressure into motion.
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Product Name Notes
DeZURIK G-Series actuators are constructed for dependable and lasting performance. The G-Series line of actuators provides long service life and features a rugged, heavy cast gear sector. G-Series cylinder actuators...
DeZURIK Knife Gate Valves are available with a wide choice of actuators including handwheel, chainwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or electric motor actuators.
PowerRac Actuators are not your typical rack and pinion design actuator. PowerRac Actuators are used to provide accurate control in modulating services on all DeZURIK quarter turn valves, in addition...