Beijer Electronics Datasheets for Human Machine Interfaces

Human machine interfaces (HMI) are operator interface terminals with which users interact in order to control other devices.
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Product Name Notes
320 x 240 grayscale transflective, LED backlight, handheld or panel mount
4 or 5 programmable LEDs on keypad, plus shift and power LEDs
A lighted, or vacuum-fluorescent display is available as an option.
Economical and rugged mobile data terminal
Full featured mobile data terminal
Low-cost, rugged, handheld graphic operator interface terminal
Optional 1024 Kbytes of nonvolatile flash memory
Optional regulator allows operation with a 7.5 to 24 VDC supply
Optional second EIA-232 serial port
Real time clock and programmable speaker
Resistive touch screen & soft keys for user input on or around the display
Resistive touch screen w/ soft keys around viewable area