E-T-A Circuit Breakers Ltd. Datasheets for Disconnect Switches

Disconnect switches rapidly disconnect circuits from power supplies in the event of an emergency.
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Product Name Notes
DC-Disconnect -- PVDIS The E-T-A DC-Disconnect PVDIS-... is a 2-pole track mountable disconnector that has especially been designed for photovoltaics, meeting the requirements of IEC/EN 60947-3 for DC 1000 V and 30 A.
DC-Disconnect -- PVREM The powerful DC Disconnect type PVDIS-… can be adjusted to customer's requirements by additional functions in a modular design. In order to provide a remote control function the electronic control...
Firefighter Switch -- PVSEC The term firefighter switch indicates a device where the DC side of a photovoltaic system in proximity of the modules (or directly below the cable outlet) can be de-energised. It...