F.N. Sheppard & Co. Datasheets for Timing Belts (metric)

Metric pitch timing belts mate with same-pitch timing pulleys in power transmission systems where maintenance-of-speed ratio is an important design consideration. Metric pitch is the distance between belt teeth based on millimeters (mm).
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Product Name Notes
Self Tracking Belts Reasons and Applications for Using V-Guide Tracking Where pulley flanges can not be used or may interfere with products being conveyed Conveyors with long center distance where true tracking is...
HTD® Neoprene Base Belt
Urethane Base Belt
Backings can be applied to outside of Base Belts.  F.N. Sheppard would like to assist in the selection and design process.  Select the Base Belt and then let us know your application...
Urethane Timing Belts -- Flex Wound Series F. N. Sheppard Flex - Timing Belts are made to custom lengths ranging from 1.5 to 13.5 meters. Our unique manufacturing process provides you with the benefit of custom length...
Metric Series Timing Belts -- Poly Chain® GT® Series
Metric Series Timing Belts -- STD Series
Positive drive, perfect synchronization, no slippage, less maintenance
Metric Series Timing Belts -- Super Torque Series
Neoprene Timing Belts -- Molded Endless
Neoprene Timing Belts -- Open Ended & Vulcanized Endless
Urethane Timing Belts -- Molded Endless
Urethane Timing Belts -- Open Ended & Welded Endless
These belts are manufactured in an endless form for greater strength and longer life compared to spliced (welded belts). Truly endless construction is ideal for power transmission and high tension...
Neoprene Timing Belts -- Extra Wide
Urethane Timing Belts -- Extra Wide
Up to 36" or 900 mm wide. Available in H or T10 pitch Available with v-guide for self tracking Available with vacuum holes and vacuum lanes on tooth side