ebm-papst Inc. Datasheets for DC Motors

DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors.
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Product Name Notes
BG Motor -- BG 2212 Compact, single-phase EC internal rotor motors with integrated or external electronics, simple control and long service life, available for the power range from 10 to 70 watts.
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-43.10-K3-B00
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-43.10-K3-B01
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-49.15-K3-B00
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-49.15-K3-D00
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-54.14-K3-B00
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-54.14-K3-B01
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-E75.1/4,1
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-E75.2/20,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-E75.2/33,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-EP63.3/54,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-EP63.3/84,8
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-NP63.1/4,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-NP63.2/26,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-P63.1/5,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-P63.2/30,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-PP63.1/5,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00-PP63.2/30,0
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-25.07-K1-B01
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-35.06-K1-B00
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-35.06-K1-B01
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-43.10-K1-B00
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-43.10-K1-B01
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-49.15-K1-B00
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-49.15-K1-D00
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-54.14.-K1-B00
Vario Drive Motor -- VD-54.14.-K1-B01
Electronically commutated external rotor motors of the VARIODRIVE series for the power range from 3 to 100 watts. With a long service life and excellent control characteristics for operation on...
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-E52.1/4,1
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-E52.2/21,2
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-E52.2/33,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-EP42.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-EP42.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-NP42.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-NP42.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-PP42.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00-PP42.2/30,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-EP63.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-EP63.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-NP63.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-NP63.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-PP63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00-PP63.2/30,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-E75.1/4,1
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-E75.2/20,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-E75.2/33,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-EP63.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-EP63.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-NP63.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-NP63.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-O63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-O63.2/25,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-PP63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00-PP63.2/30,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-E75.1/4,1
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-E75.2/20,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-E75.2/33,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-EP63.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-EP63.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-NP63.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-NP63.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-O63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-O63.2/25,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-PP63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00-PP63.2/30,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-E75.1/4,1
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-E75.2/20,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-E75.2/33,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-EP63.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-EP63.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-NP63.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-NP63.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-O63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-O63.2/25,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-PP63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00-PP63.2/30,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-E75.1/4,1
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-E75.2/20,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-E75.2/33,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-EP63.3/54,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-EP63.3/84,8
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-NP63.1/4,3
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-NP63.2/26,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-O63.2/25,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-PP63.1/5,0
ECI Gear Motor -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00-PP63.2/30,0
High-performance planetary and angular gears complement the strengths of the ECI motors for optimum adaptation of speed and torque to the required load points.
ECI Motors -- ECI-42.20-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-42.20-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-42.40-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-42.40-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K4-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K4-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K5-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.20-K5-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K4-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K4-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K5-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.40-K5-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.60-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.60-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.60-K3-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.60-K4-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-63.60-K5-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-80.20-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-80.20-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-80.40-K1-B00
ECI Motors -- ECI-80.40-K1-D00
ECI Motors -- ECI-80.60-K1-D00
The electronically commutated internal rotor motors of the ECI series feature exceptional power density and dynamics. Partially integrated electronics and a wide variety of combination options from the modular system...
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.25-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.25-B00
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.30-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.30-B00
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.25-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.25-B00
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-A00
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00
The mechanically commutated direct current motors of the BCI series offer three sizes, many voltage versions and a wide selection of accessory components for an extensive range of particularly economical...
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-E52.1/4,1
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-E52.2/21,2
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-E52.2/33,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-E52.2/60,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-EP42.3/153,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-EP42.3/54,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-EP42.3/84,4
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.1/5,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.1/9,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.2/21,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.2/30,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.2/38,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-42.40-B00-P42.2/54,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.1/5,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.1/9,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.2/21,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.2/30,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.2/38,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-52.60-B00-P52.2/54,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-E75.1/4,1
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-E75.2/20,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-E75.2/33,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-E75.2/60,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-EP63.3/153,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-EP63.3/54,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-EP63.3/84,8
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.1/5,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.1/9,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.2/21,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.2/30,0
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.2/38,3
BCI Motors -- BCI-63.55-B00-P63.2/54,0
The wide variety of spur gear, planetary and worm gear units in finely stepped reduction ratios is the perfect complement to the wide variety of applications in which the BCI...
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00
Vario Drive Compact Motor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49-15-K4-D00-P63.1/5,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49-15-K4-D00-P63.2/30,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-EP63.3/54,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-EP63.3/84,8
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-PP63.1/5,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-PP63.2/30,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-E75.1/4,1
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-E75.2/20,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-E75.2/33,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-EP63.3/54,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-EP63.3/84,8
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-D00-NP63.2/26,0
VARIODRIVE Compact motors are electronically commutated external rotor motors with completely integrated operating electronics in the power range from 20 to 100 watts.
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-E75.1/4,1
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-E75.2/20,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-E75.2/33,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-NP63.1/4,3
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-NP63.2/26,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-P63.1/5,0
Vario Drive Gearmotor -- VDC-49.15-K4-B00-P63.2/30,0
VARIODRIVE Compact motors combined with a wide selection of powerful and smooth-running spur gears, planetary and angular gears.