GS Polymers, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Adhesives

Industrial adhesives consist of hot melt adhesives, epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, sealants, thermoset adhesives, UV curing adhesives, silicon adhesives, acrylic adhesives and other related industrial products.
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Product Name Notes
Adhesive -- GSP AD 204-3 One part, flowable adhesive, moisture cure at room temperature
Adhesive -- GSP EP 200 One part, thixotropic adhesive, chemical resistance, heat cure
Adhesive -- GSP 1526-1 Two part, 1:1, adhesive, excellent choice for a filter seal
Adhesive -- GSP 1534-11 Two part, 1:1, fast cure adhesive, 3 minute set up, form thixotropic bead
Adhesive -- GSP 1534-3 Two part, 1:1, flowable adhesive provides fast cure, 6 minute set up
Adhesive -- GSP 1353 Two part, 1:1, general purpose adhesive which is flowable and fast curing
Adhesive -- GSP 1354 Two part, 1:1, general purpose adhesive, thixotropic and fast curing
Adhesive -- GSP 1650 Two part, 1:1, oil resistant adhesive / sealant, excellent crack filler
Adhesive -- GSP 1552-2 Two part, 1:1, optically clear soft, water and UV resistant
Adhesive -- GSP 1524-2 Two part, 1:2, adhesive that can be used in applications requiring FDA
Adhesive -- GSP 1414 Two part, 1:4, temperatures to 230°F, good hydrolytic stability, FDA
Adhesive -- GSP 1337-1 Two part, 2:1 excellent adhesion, through-cure to damp concrete and more.
Adhesive -- GSP 1555 Two part, 2:1 optically clear hard
Adhesive -- GSP 1711 Two part, 4:1 adhesive with good chemical and temperature resistance
Adhesive -- GSP 1710 Two part, 4:1 adhesive with impact resistance
Adhesive -- GSP 1790 Two part, 4:1 adhesive, excellent impact, chemical and heat resistance
Adhesive -- GSP 1339-1 Two part, 4:1 flowable, chemical & thermal resistance
Adhesive -- GSP 1339-2 Two part, 4:1 thermal conductivity, higher visc., chemical & thermal res.
Adhesive -- GSP 1595-2 Two part, excellent impact resistance, heat cure
Adhesive -- GSP 1329 Two part, general purpose potting compound and adhesive