Johnson Electric Group Datasheets for Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits use polyimide films and other foldable substrates to meet the requirements of complex electronic manufacturing applications.
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Product Name Notes
Double Sided Circuit
Flexible Circuits - Printed Electronics (FPC-PE) -- Single Sided Circuit
Parlex is a leader in technology & process development in polymer thick film circuits and assemblies. We offer a full range of capability including circuit design & engineering, design for...
Flexible Printed Circuits - Copper Conductors (FPC) -- Double Sided PFC
Flexible Printed Circuits - Copper Conductors (FPC) -- Multilayer FPC
Flexible Printed Circuits - Copper Conductors (FPC) -- Rigidflex Multilayer
Flexible Printed Circuits - Copper Conductors (FPC) -- Single Sided FPC
Parlex reliably packages circuitry in limited space with Rigid-Flex or solves a crosstalk shielding issue with Multilayer Flex Circuitry. Our flexible printed circuit capabilities includes a wide range of design...
Flex Circuit Security Circuit -- SL Series Parlex Secure-Flex™ is an innovative technology to increase security and provide the highest protection against intrusion and tampering of critical areas within payment terminals. Parlex Secure-Flex can be customized for...