FENN Datasheets for Wire Mills and Wire Flattening Machines

Wire mills and wire flattening machines produce square or rectangular flat wire as well as shaped wire with contoured cross-sections and complex profiles.
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Product Name Notes
Wire Flattening and Shaping Line A new Fenn Wire Flattening and Shaping Line is shown below. These lines are designed for high precision rolling and shaping of ferrous and non-ferrous wire. The line is designed...
Spoolers Fenn Metal Forming Solutions can provide a full range of wire processing equipment including Coiling and Spooling Equipment, Rod and Wire Payoff Systems, Rewind Equipment and Wire, Rod and Coil...
Spoolers & Complete Rewind Line Fenn's Torin® comprehensive range of Spoolers and Spooling systems is based on years of practical experience. They are used in many different applications in the ferrous and non-ferrous wire and...
6-6-6-6 Four Stand Many of today's demanding applications require the flattening or shaping of extremely hard materials. This high-speed four-stand mill line, with 6" diameter carbide shell rolls, automatic mill set-up, SPC data...
Fenn's Torin® Precision Two Stand Precision two stand rolling mill, will finish roll stainless steel ribbon previously flattened from round wire on a breakdown mill with inter anneals.
Fenn's Torin® Single Stand
Fenn's Torin® Single Stand 4"
Fenn's Torin® Single Stand 8"
Single stand 4" diameter Wire Flattening Mill with pay-off and take-up for flattening medium carbon steel up to .100" (2.5mm)
Six - 22" Diameter Dancer Arm Six (6) 22" (560mm) diameter dancer arm wire drawing machine, inlet .217" (5.5mm) diameter minimum finish .072" (1.8mm) diameter stainless steel wire at maximum speed 1000 fpm (300mpm).m (400mpm)
Fenn's Torin® Three Stand 6-6-4
Fenn's Torin® Three Stand Tandem
Fenn's Torin® Three Stands
Three stand 6-6-4 tandem wire flattening mill complete with spool pay-off and traversing spool take-up for high carbon flat wire.
Traversing Take-up Reels To keep pace with ever increasing mill speeds, production demands and coil package presentation, Fenn has perfected a wide selection of mechanical ballscrew and hydraulic cylinder type Traversing Take-up Reels.
Turks Head & Wire Shaping Mills Turks Heads are available as single units or in tandem, usually on a common stand. A typical tandem wire shaping mill shown at the left consist of two Model 4TH...
Fenn's Torin® Two Stand 8"
High-Speed Tandem Wire Flattening Line
Model 62-3/4 Power Driven Edger and Model 103 Mill
Two stand 8" (200mm) wire flattening mill with power driven edger, width and thickness gauge control and traversing take-up for the manufacture of rectangular copper strip.
14-12-10-10 Four Stand Used to produce rectangles and shapes from round copper wire, this heavy-duty mill line includes four rolling mill stands, a power-driven edger, a Model 61TH power-driven Turks Head and a...
Drum Packaging Machinery When wire is required to be packaged into fiber drum or onto a wire carrier as a terminal operation. Fenn's Torin® has the machines available. Most materials can be successfully...
Inverted Bull Blocks With increased consideration being given to product quality, delivery, coil weights, drawing speeds and surface finish of the drawn wire, Fenn Metal Forming Solutions can provide precision engineered, heavy-duty Inverted...