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FENN Datasheets for Drawbenches and Drawing Machines

Drawbenches and drawing machines are use tensile forces to reduce the size of metal sheets, wire, tubes and rods by drawing metal strips through a drawplate or dies.
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Product Name Notes
15,000 lb. pull capacity x 10 foot pull length This hydraulic cylinder, manual gripper machine is used for single-die breakdown of platinum and copper rod.
30" (760mm) diameter Bull Block with riding stripper.
Fenn Wire Drawing Bull Blocks and Capstans are available in both live and dead designs and a wide range of sizes and capacities. They are also available in either horizontal...
Live and Dead Block Design Fenn's Torin® coiling take-ups are suitable to follow a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous wire process plants and terminal equipment. They are available in...
Model 26 inverted Draw Coiler with dual motorized turntables for 52100 steel wire up to .156" (4mm) diameter at speeds up to 1300 fpm.
Three Block Dancer controlled addition to an existing multi-hole wire drawing machine to increase finished diameter range and drawing speed.