Polyform Foam Plastics, Inc. Datasheets for Building Insulation Materials

Building insulation materials consist of all types of products and materials to prevent the passage of heat.
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Product Name Notes
Flotation billets 10'' -- PO-10-635
Flotation billets 7'' -- PO-10-630
Inside universal corner -- PO-09-003
outside universal corner -- PO-09-002
Seal joint gasket 5 1/2 '' -- PO-10-341
Seal plate gasket 3 1/2 '' -- PO-10-340
ISOMAX™ helps prevent thermal bridges from to the ground up. In the winter months thermal bridging can penetrate through the footing, ISOMAX™ allows you to insulate the footing preventing thermal...
0710B -- PO-08-381
0710W -- PO-08-371
1012B -- PO-08-382
1012W -- PO-08-372
1214B -- PO-08-383
1214W -- PO-08-373
1417B -- PO-08-384
1417W -- PO-08-374
1720B -- PO-08-385
1720W -- PO-08-375
2025B -- PO-08-386
2025W -- PO-08-376
2530B -- PO-08-387
2530W -- PO-08-377
3036B -- PO-08-388
3036W -- PO-08-378
Polyform has develop the necessary expertise to make large, low-density (up to 0.8 pcf) EPP blocks (expanded polypropylene). Polyform sells EPP blocks (expanded polypropylene) form everywhere in North America...
Coping form for in ground pool -- PO-10-800
EPP flexible pool cove without grooves -- PO-10-620
EPS pool cove with flexing grooves -- PO-10-321
In ground pool winter closing kit -- PO-10-322
Out of ground pool winter closing kit -- PO-10-922
out of ground pool winter closing kit 2006 -- PO-10-925
Soft backer-rod 1'' diameter -- PO-01-010
Spa closing block -- PO-10-610
White rigid insulation for pool -- PO-09-930
Polyform has supplied custom products for ship hull waterlines, off-road vehicles and other recreational vehicles for years. Many pool distributors also use Polyform’s products to make or seal in-ground...