Savage Engineering, Inc. Datasheets for Laminators and Laminating Machines

Laminators and laminating machines or presses bond together layers of materials such as plastic films on glass, wood or other substrates.
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Product Name Notes
Vacuum Laminating Press Electrically heated platen upacting lab press in vacuum chamber to improve product quality. Used in circuitboard manufacturing.
Laminating Press For sheet molding, SMC, fiberglass board molding composites and honeycomb panel bonding. Steam heated platens with leveling system and temperature controls. Leveling is generally needed on long boards to attain...
Straight Side Gib Guided Trim Press Illustrated is a high speed trim press for heavy cast-iron Honda automotive spindles. The 12" thick solid bed has a through hole for part drop. The slide is guided at...
Multi-Opening Laminating Press Three openings increase throughput to that of three presses. This 8' x 14' press has oil heated platens for uniform temperature control on bonded honeycomb aircraft panels.