ZTE Corporation Layer 2 Ethernet Switches ZXR10 2900E


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Layer 2 Ethernet Switches - ZXR10 2900E - ZTE Corporation
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Layer 2 Ethernet Switches ZXR10 2900E
ZXR10 2900E series switches are the superior layer 2 switches presented by ZTE. With innovative "easy" concept incorporated in every detail and M-button function, ZXR10 2900E series switches bring users the ultimate efficiency, cutting the maintenance costs of the network through simple yet efficient methods. ZXR10 2900E provides rich products, supporting two-way ACL, POE, green mute design. With a variety of management methods, fully meet the high reliability, multi service integration, easy maintenance and other network requirements of operators.
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Technical Specifications

  ZTE Corporation
Product Category Network Equipment
Product Number ZXR10 2900E
Product Name Layer 2 Ethernet Switches
Network Equipment Switch
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