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Walton, KY, USA
Packaging Foam
The regular cell size of AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foams makes them highly energy absorbent… ideal materials for protective packaging. They are inert, lightweight, UV stable, flexible, tough and resilient and exhibit outstanding resistance to chemicals and water. They are highly pure, will not cause corrosion or staining and are safe to use for the transit and archival storage of antiquities and works of art. AZOTE® foams play an important role in the global endeavour to reduce packaging waste, by providing a true multi-trip solution for transit packaging, both as case inserts and dunnage. The high energy absorbent nature of AZOTE® foams means that less thickness is needed for protection… smaller packs means less storage space requirement and better transport volume utilisation.
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  Zotefoams, Inc.
Product Category Protective Packaging
Product Name Packaging Foam
Protective Packaging / Dunnage Foam-in-Place; Packaging Insert; Molded Packaging
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