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RSS-1024 / UVRSS-1024
The state-of-the-art Rotating Shadowband Spectroradiometer (RSS) combines a high-performance 1024-pixel CCD spectrograph with an external rotating shadowband similar to that used in our MFR instrument family. It automatically provides instantaneous direct, diffuse, and total irradiance measurements across the majority of the solar spectral range. System optics are thermally stabilized and environmentally sealed to provide excellent long term calibration stability. Instead of using a mechanically scanned diffraction grating, the RSS makes measurements simultaneously across all 1024 channels, and meets the Baseline Solar Radiation Network's requirements for atmospheric turbidity measurements. The shadowband enables the instrument to measure all three components of solar irradiance with one detector. The Model RSS-1024 covers the 360-1100nm visible/NIR range and the Model UVRSS-1024 covers the 292-370nm UV-B and UV-A range. Both systems feature web access to live or stored calibrated spectral irradiance and optical depth data, and use YESDAQ distributed database technology to support networks of remote systems around the globe.

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Product Category Spectroradiometers
Product Number RSS-1024 / UVRSS-1024
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