Watts Premier Big Blue 50 Micron Whole House Filter 500221


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Big Blue 50 Micron Whole House Filter - 500221 - Watts Premier
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Big Blue 50 Micron Whole House Filter 500221
The Big Blue whole house filtering unit provides your home with cleaner water, while protecting your water heater, washing machine, refrigerator, ice-maker, and other appliances from the harmful build-up of sediment, dirt, and rust. This unit is a heavy duty sized filtering system that comes equipped with a 50 micron sediment filter, ball valve, mounting bracket and wrench. The unit has 1" ports. If you are dealing with sediment problems that are commonly found in well water applications or areas where dirt and rust particles are a problem, you will find this unit to be a tremendous help. This unit does take some knowledge in plumbing for installation. We do recommend you have some plumbing experience or suggest hiring someone to install it for you. Compatibility: Works with 1 inch connections Applications: Whole House supply line sediment filter Features: Whole house filtration 50 Micron sediment filtration 1 inch connectors Built in shut off valve Mounting bracket Wrench Specifications: Height: 14 inches Width: 8 inches Depth: 8 inches Operating Parameters: 1 inch Ports Operating Temperature: Maximum 100°(F) Minimum 40 °(F) Operating Pressure Maximum 100 psi Minimum 20psi
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  Watts Premier
Product Category Water Filters
Product Number 500221
Product Name Big Blue 50 Micron Whole House Filter
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