Waterman Industries, Inc. Type 1 Handwheel Operator


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Type 1 Handwheel Operator
Typical Specification Type 1 Handwheel Operators shall have a cast bronze lift nut machined o accurately mate with the operating stem. Lift nut housing shall be machined to receive the lift nut and provide a smooth surface on which to take the thrust developed by the handwheel. The handwheel shall be marked with direction of opening and shall be of such diameter that handwheel pull shall not exceel 40 lb. on the rim. Handwheels shall be removable and shall be cast iron or fabricated steel. Protective stem covers may be mounted when requried by the specifications.̷ 0

Technical Specifications

  Waterman Industries, Inc.
Product Category Valve Actuators
Product Number Type 1 Handwheel Operator
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