Stoelting Cleaning Equipment Stand Alone Drying System SADS


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Stand Alone Drying System SADS
In-line drying module, stand-alone SMEMA-compatible unit, can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with any in-line cleaner. The OmniJet uses a unique high temperature/high flow air drying technology that removes and evaporates water from even the most dense and complex electronic assemblies. The systems high-process efficiency results in higher throughput from the users existing washer otherwise liminted by dryer inefficiency. Standard Features Constructed of stainless steel The OmniJet CBW-SADS stand alone in-line drying system is meant to replace or supplement inefficient drying stages of other in-line cleaners. The main benefit of the OmniJet CBW-SADS is lower production cost per unit through increased capacity in your present system. Completely dry product means less rework, rejects, and failures caused by trapped moisture. You recapture dollars previously lost due to inefficient drying methods. The innovative combination of high flow/previously heated air (recirculated) and 360° “product surround” air knives is a Stoelting exclusive.
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Technical Specifications

  Stoelting Cleaning Equipment
Product Category Process Dryers
Product Number SADS
Product Name Stand Alone Drying System
Heat Source Waste Heat; Direct / Convection
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