Torque Transmission XL Timing Pulleys - 1/5" Pitch 31140-C

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XL Timing Pulleys - 1/5
Fairport Harbor, OH, United States
XL Timing Pulleys - 1/5" Pitch 31140-C
Our in-house engineering, mold making and tooling capabilities allow us to respond promptly to specific customer specifications. Molded synchronous drive pulleys from Torque Transmission are reinforced with metal inserts to offer the lightweight advantages of plastic along with the advantages of a metal-to-metal connection at the hub. Available Timing Pulleys: XL 1/5" pitch timing belt pulleys L 3/8" pitch timing belt pulleys 3mm HTD Timing Pulley 5mm HTD Timing Pulley 8mm HTD Timing Pulley Powergrip GT2 Timing Pulley Custom Design Timing Belt Pulley The use of lightweight plastic for the pulleys in combination with the metal insert yields a high strength-to-weight ratio and low inertia as well as the following. Molded high strength, glass reinforced nylon Lightweight Low Inertia Cost Effective Long Life Strong Quiet Chemical and Shock Resistant Single, double, or no flange Belts available Made in the USA Custom Timing Pulleys We can modify a standard timing belt pulley or create a custom design for your special applications. Samples of our standard pulleys are available for test purposes and prototypes. Please contact us for more details. , Download a CAD drawing and view a 3-D model of the TPM 22XL037 8MM SF (1)SS KW XL 1/5" Pitch Timing Pulley from Torque Transmission.
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Technical Specifications

  Torque Transmission
Product Category Timing Pulleys (metric)
Product Number 31140-C
Product Name XL Timing Pulleys - 1/5" Pitch
Component Type Timing Pulley
Teeth 22
Flanges One Flange
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