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Automated Thermal Stress System - ATSS - Thermotron Industries
Holland, MI, USA
Automated Thermal Stress System ATSS
Thermotron’s Automated Thermal Stress Systems (ATSS) are versatile test chambers designed to accelerate thermal stress testing and thermal cycling tests. ATSS chambers meet the latest thermal shock testing specifications and methods and facilitate rapid product temperature change rate performance in a space-saving, self-contained design. Thermotron's Automated Thermal Stress Systems (ATSS) facilitate rapid product temperature change rates in a space-saving, self-contained design that accelerate Thermal Stress tests. Thermotron's ATSS test chambers meet the latest MIL-STD 883E and MIL-STD 202F thermal shock specifications as well as JEDEC and IPC test methods. ATSS chambers are capable of the following: rapid thermal shock, accelerated product stress tests, and controlled thermal cycling. With separate hot and cold zones, the Automated Thermal Stress System has a patented, retractable product transfer carrier basket that makes full use of the available workspace in both temperature zones for increased product loading and throughput. The product transfer carrier basket reduces the overall height requirements of the chamber and is made as light as possible to minimize thermal loading restraints. Thermotron ATSS chambers can be used as part of most thermal cycling reliability and quality control programs.
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Technical Specifications

  Thermotron Industries
Product Category Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms
Product Number ATSS
Product Name Automated Thermal Stress System
Temperature Control Heating; Cooling
Ramp Rate 12.0 to 24.0 C/min (21.6 to 43.2 F/min)
Parameters Temperature; Thermal Stress
Configuration Floor
Temperature Range -73 to 215 C (-99 to 419 F)
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