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Finned Tubular Heaters -  - Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Wood Dale, IL, United States
Finned Tubular Heaters
Finned heaters are constructed using Tempco’s robust tubular element as the basis of construction. Fin material is continuously spiral wound tightly onto the element surface to increase the convective surface area for air and non-corrosive gas heating. Fin spacing and size have been tested and selected to optimize performance. Steel finned units are then furnace brazed, bonding the fins to the sheath to increase conductive efficiency. This allows higher wattage levels to be achieved in the same flow area and produces lower sheath temperatures prolonging heater life. For higher temperature or more corrosive applications, stainless steel fins securely wound on alloy sheath are available. Application conditions such as vibration and toxic/flammable media should be taken into consideration when installing heaters. Protective coatings are available for use on steel finned heaters for mildly corrosive or high humidity applications. Finned tubular elements are safer to operate than open coil heaters as the risk of fire from combustible particles in the flow stream and electrical shock is minimized. Increased service life and less maintenance required due to the rugged finned element construction. Power loading (w/in) of finned tubulars can be matched to any open coil installation.
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Technical Specifications

  Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name Finned Tubular Heaters
Heating Capacity 0.75 to 8.00 kW (2.56 to 27.29 MBH)
Phase Three Phase AC Voltage
Heater Type Tubular Heaters
Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature 750 to 1200 F (399 to 649 C)
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