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Motor Rotation Indicator - MR-1A - TEGAM, Inc.
Geneva, OH, United States
Motor Rotation Indicator MR-1A
Motor Rotation Indicator TEGAM's Motor Rotation Indicator, Model MR-1A eliminates guessing and the unsafe practice of "bumping" a three-phase motor in order to determine rotational direction. Simply connect the MR-1's Black, Red and Blue test clips to the motor terminals and rotate the motor in the direction of rotation. Push the test button and either the "ABC" or "BAC" LED will illuminate to display the proper line-to-terminal connections. Technical Specifications No need to disconnect drive shaft couplings Identifies open windings Protects user and equipment Reliable, solid state components Shirt pocket size, 48′ leads with heavy duty 1/2′ clips, works on most sizes and types of 3 phase motors 1 year warranty Made in USA
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  TEGAM, Inc.
Product Category Phase Meters
Product Number MR-1A
Product Name Motor Rotation Indicator
Form Factor Handheld
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