TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Tubing EM59706001

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Heat Shrink Tubing - EM59706001 - TE Connectivity
Berwyn, PA, United States
Heat Shrink Tubing EM59706001
Body Features Flexibility : Very Flexible Fluid Type : Diesel Fuel, Unleaded Gasoline, Hydraulic Fluid, Antifreeze, Lubricating Oil, Brake Fluid, Car Wash Detergent, Battery Acid Primary Product Color : Black Primary Product Material : Polyethylene/Polyest er Shrink Ratio : 2:1 Dimensions Cut Length : 210 MM  [8.267 INCH ] Expanded Inside Diameter (Min) : 20 MM  [.787 INCH ] Recovered Inside Diameter (Max) : 10 MM  [.394 INCH ] Other Product Source : Czech Republic Packaging Features Packaging Method : Piece Product Availability Applicable Region : Global Product Type Features Product Family : HFT5000 Wall Material Type : Fiber & Fabric Usage Conditions Fluid Resistance : None Heat Shrink Tubing Flammability : Non-Flame-Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing Resistance : Flexing, Vibration, Mechanical Damage, Abrasion, Cut-Through Operating Temperature Range (DEGC) : -40 - 125 Recovery Temperature (DEGC) : 110 Shrink Temperature (Min) (DEGC) : 80
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Technical Specifications

  TE Connectivity
Product Category Protective Sleeving
Product Number EM59706001
Product Name Heat Shrink Tubing
Operating Temperature -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F)
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