Tamura Corporation of America DC:DC Power Modules - BPM Series


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DC:DC Power Modules - BPM Series
BPM series is A series of energy-saving switching power modules with built-in Switching Transformers controls IC control Circuits and Switching Elements (FET) High full-load efficiency reduces stand-by power requirements. Attaching the input noise filter, the input rectifier diode and the output smoothing capacitor externally enables the easy creation of power switching with high-efficiency , low standby power. Most Suitable for 40W or less applications Easy to design compact AC/DC due to small number of external components Potential design evaluation time savings ; EMC, open/short circuit testing, etc. Enables significant reduction in power consumption of no-load and light load Unique Tamura design insures significant reduction in "buzz" under light conditions for lower noise level
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Technical Specifications

  Tamura Corporation of America
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Name DC:DC Power Modules - BPM Series
DC Output Power 40 watts
DC Input Voltage 110.0 to 450.0 volts
DC Input Current 1.7 to 9 amps
Form Factor Board Mount
Type DC Power Supply; DC-DC Converter
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