Sussman Electric Boilers Electric Steam Generator MBA

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Electric Steam Generator - MBA - Sussman Electric Boilers
Long Island City, NY, USA
Electric Steam Generator MBA
Small size, small capacity Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generators are perfect for applications requiring efficient, high quality steam in laboratories, hospitals, pilot plants and for small, intermittent, low-steam consuming loads. These generators can be used for standby operations in off-seasons or when a larger boiler is shut down or unavailable. The automatic electronic liquid level controller meets all UL and ASME requirements. A main waterline pressure 10 psig greater than the operating pressure of the steam generator is required for automatic water feeding. All MBA steam generators are factory tested and are ready to operate. SUSSMAN MBA Series Features: Safe easy-to-use heat source - no on-site products of combustion. Easy and quick to install, they require only a water feed connection and electrical hook-up. Steam available at the flip of a switch. Applications include: Laboratory use, steam for small tanks, reactions and distillations, autoclaves, food products, jacketed vessels for processing waxes, paraffins, glues, resins and varnishes and woodbending.
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Technical Specifications

  Sussman Electric Boilers
Product Category Boilers (industrial)
Product Number MBA
Product Name Electric Steam Generator
Fuel Type / Heat Source Electric
Type Steam
Steam Generation 9 to 60 lbs/hr (40.82 to 272 kg/hr)
Features ASME; Commercial / HVAC; Safety Valve; UL, CSA, ASME Certified
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