Spiroflow Systems, Inc. Bulk Bag Unloader Flo Series

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Bulk Bag Unloader - Flo Series - Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
Monroe, NC, United States
Bulk Bag Unloader Flo Series
Our Flo Series Bulk Bag Unloaders are a design approach from our Control & Metering acquisition. The Flo 40, Flo 60 & Iso Flo designs feature a sloped hopper with pulse vibration. Flo style designs can be combined with the functionality of our T2 (unloading by volume), T3 (loss-in-weight), T4 (single trip bags) & T6 (integral hoist) unloaders to meet your most exacting application needs. Features The Flo 40 is designed with a 40° sloped hopper for free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes & some powders The Flo 60 is designed with a 60° sloped hopper for poor flowing ingredients & high-level dust containment Iso Flo has a sloped hopper and is designed for total dust containment
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Technical Specifications

  Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
Product Category Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders
Product Number Flo Series
Product Name Bulk Bag Unloader
Common Features Integral Hopper or Bin; Vibrator
Application / Operation Dust Collector (optional feature)
Material Type Pellets; Granules; Flakes; Fibers; Ingredients; Some Powders
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