Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation 60-125W High Voltage Power Supplies UMW20*125


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60-125W High Voltage Power Supplies UMW20*125
Form, Fit and Function Usability: Spellman’s UMW Series of high voltage modules provides users with a form, fit and function replacement for presently available commercially made units, while providing superior features and benefits at competitive pricing. Utilizing propri­etary power conversion technology, unique high voltage packaging, and Spellman’s unmatched encapsulation tech­niques, these SMT based high voltage modules provide improved performance and easier system integration at a lower cost when compared to the competition. Advanced Power Conversion Topology: UMW converters use a proprietary resonant power conversion topology providing exceptional efficiency and inherent low noise and ripple outputs. Radiated emissions are dramatically reduced compared to conventional switch­ing topologies, effectively minimizing or even eliminating the need to shield the unit from adjacent circuitry. The high voltage output is generated through the use of a ferrite core high voltage step up transformer which feeds the high voltage output circuitry. Units utilize an appropriate arrangement of low capacitance Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier stages to obtain the specified high voltage output. Due to the fixed, high frequency conversion rate of the converter, the output capacitance is small resulting in minimal stored energy and fast rise times. Through the use of gener­ously rated surge limiting resistors and a fast acting current loop, all units are fully arc and short circuit protected. Control and Regulation: The actual output voltage generated is sampled via a high impedance divider to create a voltage feedback signal. A current feedback signal is created via a current sense resis­tor being placed in the low end return of the high voltage output circuitry. These two accurate ground referenced feedback signals are used to precisely regulate and control the units output. These accurate and calibrated signals are also used for external monitoring purposes. Due to the UMW’s unique converter topology it can provide full current into low impedance loads or even a short circuit. Standard units limit at 103% of maximum rated output current. Standard User Interface: The Spellman UMW Series offers a standard customer interface that provides current programming capability and positive polarity, buffered, low output impedance volt­age and current monitor signals (0 to +4.64Vdc equals 0 to full scale rated). A voltage programming input is provided where 0 to +4.64Vdc equals 0 to 100% of rated voltage. Current programmability allows the user to set where the unit will current limit, anywhere from 0 to 100% of maximum rated current. This feature is beneficial where less than full output current is desired, like in the case of protecting a sensitive load. The buffered low impedance voltage and current monitor signals can drive external circuitry directly, while minimizing loading and pickup effects. These feature save the user the expense and implementation of external interface buffering circuitry while improving overall signal integrity. Mechanical and Environmental Considerations: The UMW Series are modular sheet metal enclosed convert­ers measuring 8.00. X 4.50. X 1.075. (203mm X 114mm X 27mm). All units are encapsulated using a propriety silicon based potting material which is considerably lighter in weight than epoxy encapsulation techniques. Physical mounting of the unit is accomplished via the use of bottom mounted studs or threaded blind inserts, dependent upon model ordered. Features: Voltage from 8kV to 20kV, Fixed Negative or Positive Polarity Output Power of 60 and 125 Watts V/I Regulation with Automatic Crossover Control Voltage and Current Monitor Signals UL Recognized, CE Listed and RoHS Compliant
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Technical Specifications

  Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number UMW20*125
Product Name 60-125W High Voltage Power Supplies
DC Output Power 125 watts
DC Input Voltage 24.0 volts
Operating Temperature 0 to ? C (32 to ? F)
Type High Voltage
Ripple <1.0 (C load ≥0.05μF
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