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Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph Prominence UFLC
The goal of high-speed HPLC is to realize increased productivity in the laboratory. Shimadzu believes that this increase in speed should not compromise the quality of the analytical data or the robustness of the HPLC. The quality of the data obtained from high-speed HPLC should be similar to that of conventional HPLC. For example, the Retention Time and Area repeatability should be excellent - even after 10,000 analytical runs, and peak shape and resolution should not deteriorate after prolonged use. To realize the increase in productivity from high-speed HPLC, the instrument should be easily maintained and have minimal downtime. These characteristics, not just high pressure, are the focus for a high-speed system.The Shimadzu UFLC system achieves the above goals, providing speed and performance without compromise. The UFLC system does not depend on extremely high pressures and offers a high level of precision and expandability not available with previous fast LC systems. The proof is in the data!
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Technical Specifications

  Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Product Category High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC)
Product Number Prominence UFLC
Product Name Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph
General Features Programmable
Injection Method Auto-sampler Injection
Instrument Type Fixtured
User Interface Digital
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