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Food-Sorting System - ASM QUASAR - Sesotec GmbH
Schönberg, Germany
Food-Sorting System ASM QUASAR
Performance features 4k High-Resolution cameras with True-Color image processing technology. True-Shape technology to see and differentiate the exact shape of every single kernel, at high speed. Higher capacity, dedicated optical processor and analysis speed up to 40 kHz. Sniper ejector logic reduces product loss to a bare minimum. Even easier to use, with a new HD interface, industrial-grade tablet and auto-calibration. Logic We developed a completely new “Optical Processor” called Logic, which is the heart of the machine. This is a combination of very powerful hardware and software algorithms, that closely mimic how humans understand visual information. In order to determine what something looks like and what are the differences between two objects, the human brain combines colours, shapes, and textures. Optical sorters could only analyse this information separately, until now. Just like our brain The ASM QUASAR judges many different parameters at the same time, and can “understand” what its cameras are seeing. It automatically knows what is the real colour of an object, independently of lights and shadows, and the exact shape and texture of every single kernel, contaminant or particle. This makes it very accurate in deciding what to keep or reject, and incredibly easy to use.
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Technical Specifications

  Sesotec GmbH
Product Category Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners
Product Number ASM QUASAR
Product Name Food-Sorting System
Applications Dry / Free Flowing Materials; Food Processing / Grain
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